Credit Rx America Offers One of The Highest Paying Affiliate Marketing Programs

Make money as an affiliate with our simple affiliate marketing program

Commission Rate

Commission Rate

We share a generous 15% of what received form your referral

Average Client

Average Client

Our clients average about $1,500 for credit repair

Average Commission

Average Commission

You can make an average of $200 per client you refer

Easy to Use System

Our affiliate marketing program has all the tools you need to track your referrals

100% Happy Clients With Our Unique Guarantee

At our company your clients' credit repair goals are our number on priority. Unlike other credit repair companies we strive for deletes as fast as possible wile our competitors earn more money the longer your clients have bad credit. Everyday we experiment with new and unique ways to remove items even faster so you can have happy clients that actually reach their goals.

Become An Affiliate

In less than five minutes you can start to improve your customers credit

Our Process and What We Work On

After we complete a free credit audit for your client we give them a list of items that are hurting their score. They tell us which items they want removed and results can be seen within 30 days.



Tax Liens

Late Payments


Medical Collections

Meet The People Who Will Help

We got your back through the entire processes and you'll be confident you can reach any of us at a moments notice.

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Affiliate Agreement

Credit Rx America Referral Partner ENROLLMENT AGREEMENT

To enroll in Credit Rx America LLC, Referral Partner program so you can be credited for referring your clients to Credit Rx America, LLC, please AGREE to this enrollment agreement. Start earning 15% off the GROSS payments received for each of your referrals. If you receive more than $600.00 in annual referrals, then a 1099 will be mailed to your personal address. If same as company address, please identify under comments section why. The referral check will be mailed to your company address unless notified by authorized management of company.

Credit Rx America LLC helps clients improve their credit. By referring clients to Credit Rx America, LLC, without charging the upfront fees, or monthly fees, only charging fees after they see results.

All referral checks will be mailed directly to the party listed on your enrollment form. If you are the owner, please let us know if you prefer all referrals fees released to company only.

By agreeing to this agreement by submitting your application information on our website you agree NOT TO; (1) Make any promises or guarantees with respect to Credit Rx America services; (2) Execute Credit Rx America, LLC retainer agreement on any client’s behalf; or (3) Attempt to circumvent any of Credit Rx America, LLC security measures. Credit Rx America, LLC reserves the right to revoke access upon the following; (i) Discovering that you have not complied with the foregoing terms and conditions, (ii) Receipt of notice from one of your clients to revoke your access to their case, (iii) One of your clients closing their case with Credit Rx America, LLC, or (iv) For any other reason determined by Credit Rx America, LLC, in its sole discretion, that access should be revoked.

Credit bureaus are required to follow reasonable procedures to ensure that the information they report is accurate. However, mistakes may occur.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction: This Agreement is deemed to have been executed and performed exclusively in the State of Wyoming. Wyoming law, without regard to conflict of law provisions and federal law govern this Agreement. Any legal or equitable action concerning this Agreement shall be initiated only in Hardin County, Wyoming and both parties agree to submit to the personal and exclusive jurisdiction of the courts therein. Mediation and Class Action Waiver: Before filing a lawsuit regarding any dispute between you and Credit Rx America, LLC, you first agree to mediate any dispute by using a third party neutral mediator, to be mutually agreed upon by you and Credit Rx America, LLC. The mediation shall take place in Hardin County, Wyoming. You waive your right, if any, to participate in class action litigation regarding Credit Rx America, LLC. By signing Credit Rx America, LLC Client/Financial Affiliate Access Agreement as a Financial Affiliate professional, you regularly interact with clients who apply for credit. Based on your consultation with your client and your professional judgment, some of these clients may benefit from the credit report repair services offered by Credit Rx America, LLC. It is, therefore, our intention to refer qualified clients to Credit Rx America, LLC. To help monitor your client’s progress at Credit Rx America, LLC, Credit Rx America, LLC will provide you with access to an ongoing summary/status of each client’s case, contingent upon the client authorizing Credit Rx America, LLC to do so. In order to receive this access, you agree to: (1) disclose Credit Rx America, LLC as the provider of credit report repair services, and disclose Credit Rx America, LLC fees; (2) Have the client review and execute Credit Rx America, LLC retainer agreement (among other things, the retainer agreement authorizes Credit Rx America, LLC to share information about the client’s case with you); and (3) Comply with applicable state law, federal law, and professional responsibilities, if any at all times. You further agree that you will not: (1) Advertise without prior written approval).

I have read and accept the terms of the above agreement.

Credit Rx America

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Common Questions

Everything you need to know before you get started

How much can I make by Referring a Client?

At Credit Rx America, we share 15% of the gross we receive from your referral; not just a one-time fee of $35-$75. Show us another company that pays that much for your referral client! Of course, every referral will be different. However, in our experience, clients range between $1,600-$2,400 in credit repair. That means you would make approximately $240-$360 per referred client.

Will my clients be happy with your service?

No one can complain when they only pay for what goes away! And, they pay: No upfront fees, no monthly fees, no setup fees, no hidden costs. Our pricing is the most HONEST and upfront in this industry.

Do you guarantee your services?

Yes, Credit Rx America has the best guarantee anywhere! We only charge for our clients' results. We guarantee that your client will only be charged after their items are removed or corrected. We make our money only by fixing credit, not charging clients for trying to fix their credit. We have the best 100% guarantee in the industry.

How do I refer a client to Credit Rx America?

Click the yellow button above that says "Free signup". Once you fill out the affiliate information, we will e-mail you a username and password so you may submit clients to us through your very own online portal which your client will use to see their progress. You can also upload any documents that you may have already collected from your client. You may also send your logo and photo so we can add it to the portal. You, of course, can call or e-mail a referral to us, as well.

Why do we pay our partners such a high commission?

We do it because we are a small credit repair company that appreciates referral business. That's why we need YOU as our referral partner. Call us today! 888-882-1961 or click the yellow button above that says "Free signup."

Who are our Affiliates?

Our affiliates can include mortgage brokers, car dealers, Realtors, financial planners, attorneys, insurance advisers, financial advisers, tax preparers, alarm installers who have clients who have been victims of stolen identity and they need to put their credit back in order, or people who just know other people with credit problems.

Our Affiliate system is easy and efficient.

With our affiliate system we have an easy to use affiliate portal. This allows you to log in and check the status of referred customers, how many customers you currently have with us, where we are in the credit repair process, and how much money you have made currently and also throughout your entire time partnered with Credit Rx America. With our program we will enter your logo and photo so that every time a customer logs into their portal, they will be reminded of who guided them to Credit Rx America to get their credit restored.

How to send leads

We allow you to send your leads securely and quickly via your affiliate portal. Just click the tab "Send New Customer". Fill out the customer's information in the designated boxes on the page. (There is also a section on that page for notes and file attachments.) Then simply click send. Now your client's information automatically and securely gets sent to us with your, the Affiliate's, information connected to it.

Why partner with Credit Rx America?

If the highest referral commission isn't reason enough, how about our upfront, honest, and fair pricing? Since we are a small company, you are not dealing with someone that may not be answering the phone next week. When you call Credit Rx America, you are building a relationship with the owner who will personally handle all your referral clients. Another good reason to go with Credit Rx America is that you might make more money by referring clients to us than you would at your regular job and certainly with much less effort.

Why relationships? Why me?

We are building many great relationships along the way, nationwide, in the auto, mortgage, insurance, banking, real estate and financial industries. Do you have to turn down potential clients due to their low credit scores? We are the solution for you. We are looking to work with you if you are in a financially based business that provides loans to your clients. We can help you close on these deals and make you money simply by helping your clients increase their credit scores and get their negative and inaccurate information removed or updated. Our client portals maintain your clients' loyalty to you by keeping your name, face, and logo on all their portal pages. If you have to tell your clients that you cannot get them approved, you may not see them again, along with the referral business they would have brought you. Together, we can help our Affiliate Partners and your clients achieve their goals.

Instant customer updates

You can log in 24/7 to track all of the clients and leads you have sent us. Search for clients, see leads that are in process, and monitor the status of all referrals. This tool empowers you with the ability to send new clients and watch the credit repair progress.

Easily send leads

Send leads securely right in the portal. Just simply fill in basic client data and if you wish, use the option to add notes and attachments. It doesn't get any easier than that.

File sharing

No more mailing or faxing a copy of the customer's credit report. Now all you have to do is log in, select the customer, and upload the report. Sharing gives you the option to hide certain files from customers, keeping the files private between us.

Complete private label solution

We can add your own logo, information, and color scheme to the portal so that it looks like your Website when your customers log in.

Branded marketing

On the first page of the customer portal there is a section for you to advertise. Every time your customer logs in to see the status of their credit, they will be reminded of the person who sent them to get their credit restored! The photo/logo and complete contact information along with e-mail links and Website link are made apparent on the front page.

Are there any Affiliate restrictions?

Yes, the general rules are: Advertising ONLY in the United States. The following would require specific permission from us: Incentive or coupon sites, such as Craig's List, classified ads, domain cloaking, site redirection, PPC (Pay-Per-Click) keyword, bidding on our name or any variation thereof. Domain/URL Names: No marketing of our programs using domain names that incorporate our name or any variation thereof. Landing Pages: Use of landing page designed in a manner that could appear as if the page belongs to us and e-mail marketing, must be CAN-SPAM Act compliant, can not appear to come from us, and must provide a clean opt-out method. No duplication of content from our Website without our permission.